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a Qumran Textile under our Noses   2 comments

I was planning to meet my supervisor, Prof. Joan E. Taylor, at Waterstones cafe in Cambridge. When I arrived she called me and said she will be late. Ten minutes later, she came with an unmistakable look of excitement on her face. As part of her Leverhulme project, Taylor is tracking the lost monuments and fragments from Qumran caves that went missing after their disovery… it sounds like a Sherlock Holmes stuff. Anyway… here’s what she found:

“Interesting visit to the Cambridge Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology yesterday. Found another Qumran Cave 1Q textile. They didn’t know they had it – miscatalogued as ‘prehistoric’ – but a letter from Harding located by curator Imogen Gunn clinched it that this was indeed donated to the museum. Love this sleuthing. All part of the Leverhulme Dispersed Qumran Caves Artefacts and Archival Sources network project. We’ll be creating a website soon so that all this material can be assembled together for future researchers.”


So, after sharing a celebratory brownie and discussing my boring dissertation, we left with more questions regarding this long lost piece and what else could be found, not in Jordan or anywhere in the Middle East, but in Cambridge or Oxford… and why they were lost!

I guess there will be investigations of old letters and documents… and more exciting chapters in the story of each found piece through this project.


[Photo is a courtesy of this profile]


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