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COPIED FROM J H Charlesworth:

Awe and Christology

To escape the occasional overbearing pressures of work, I flee to northwest Israel and relax near the eastern Mediterranean. My favorite time is to go to the coast and see the sun set, glancing northwards to the coast of Lebanon and the white-chalked Rosh haNikra and then southwards to the grey Carmel range as it juts out into the sea.

For the past two days, I have been reading Luke, pondering the words and trying to grasp all the meaning in light of my many decades here in the Holy Land and teaching since the late sixties in numerous countries.

As I saw the sun slide out of view, I knew with pellucid clarity how brilliant Jesus was. I lamented how much hostility he encountered probably because he did not teach as the scribes. I thanked God for the genius I felt reading Jesus’ words and confessed the awesome power that was present in him.

I knew I had been reading “the greatest story ever told.” Then, I mediated and wondered: How much is only story? As a scholar I perceived it was a clever narrative; but, as a person who follows Jesus, I realized there was far more in that story than any scholar who is deficient in theology can ever grasp.

Jesus was empowered. He was full of power and he was efficaciously successful.

Was it not the same power I was now feeling, hearing waves splash on the shore and seeing colors filter through the sky?

To have experienced that feeling once is to realize life has been worth living.

I thought again about my discovery: “The highest Christology ends not in words but in wonder and Awe.”

I confessed:

“In the eloquence of silence resides Wisdom and a creature’s harmony with the Creating Creator.”

Todah Rabbah lecha Adonai Elohenu.

Jesus also uttered those precise sounds.




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